The Engine is coming together!!!

Preparation is the key to success! We have almost finished assembling our engine and it has been incredibly rewarding to see it come back together. There have been a few things that we have had to do more than once (i.e. we assembled the connecting rods three times when we learned about a service bulletin that required us to lubricate the threads and then learned that our particular connecting rods were exempt from the service bulletin) As I griped about having to “do it all over again”, I had the realization, “I would rather make sure that I do everything in my power to do it right the first time, because it would be even worse to assemble everything, have the engine not work, and then have to take it apart all over again!!!”

As I had this thought, it reminded me of the time that we have spent here in Ionia in preparation to serve as missionaries. I used to think, “Why do I need to get my A & P? That is just wasted time when I could be on the mission field!!!” But, I know that it was better for me to have worked at Summit, it was better that I was able to attend Seminary, and it was better that I spent a year in Ionia acquiring my A & P license and having God teach/discipline/grow my family and I. His ways truly are perfect! I can see how god has and is preparing us to be successful as missionaries. What good would it be if we had rushed to get on the mission field only to be sent back early because we weren’t ready or prepared.

Yeah for Daddy!!!

My friend quoted a famous scholar who’s name escapes me, but here is what I remember. “Jesus spent 30 years preparing for his ministry and then spent approximately 3 years ministering. I spent 4 years at Seminary and have been in ministry for over 30 years. When I look at Christ’s effectiveness as compared with my own, it is clear that there is no comparison.”

I do not know how long our preparation will last, but I am content to submit to His will and wait until He says that we are ready! To God be the glory!

Fun hike on the river before church!

4 thoughts on “Preparation…

  1. Amen brother! Our preparation will last a lifetime! We are all preparing for things to come, whether we know it or not. “If we aren’t learning, we aren’t living” is what my grandfather used to tell me. We can never be prepared for everything we are going to encounter. All we can do is our best for God. He doesn’t expect perfection, he just expects excellence! So proud of what God is doing in your life!

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