Filing our a nick in a prop

What is the purpose of the propeller on the nose of an airplane?

To keep the pilot cool when it gets hot!

Or so the joke goes! Actually, the propeller is a spinning airfoil that converts the engine power into thrust! We are in the thick of propeller class and it has been fun. I have filed a nick out of a propeller, inspected a wood propeller, removed and installed different types of propellers, and learned about the ways to keep ice off of the propeller. The interesting thing is that the FAA doesn’t allow mechanics to do much with propellers. We can install new ones and file out nicks, but most of the repairs must be done by a repair station or the manufacturer.

Reassembly of the engine!!!

We have finished inspecting, measuring, and cleaning our engine and are now putting everything back together. The valves are back in the cylinders and we are hoping to get most of the major assemblies together by week’s end. If we work well this week, and don’t have too many set-backs, then we may get to start it up next week! Wahoo!!!

We had one of our neighbors over for dinner last week and had a wonderful time. They mentioned they didn’t have a lot of friends in the area since they both work 40 minutes from Ionia in the opposite direction from one another. Kevin is finishing up his Ph. D. in Toxicology at Michigan State in Lansing and Carolyn works in the marketing division of our favorite hospital in Grand Rapids. They spend so much time on the road that they usually get home and just hang out together. It was fun to get to know them and share a meal together. I was struck by how easy it is to invite someone over for a meal. I know that there are extreme cases and certain neighbors who might be scary, but the overwhelming majority of people are just like us! Go on, invite a neighbor over for a meal and get to know them. How can we share the love of God with others if we do not spend time with them?

Jessica’s first Triathlon
The Vana tongue means she is serious!!! (See the first picture above!)
School Picnic

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