Prayer Changes Things…

Our Little Missionary

Hi! It’s Jess.

Several weeks ago we asked you to pray about and for our neighbors.  We asked you to pray that God would use us to be a light to those we live among.  You guessed it, prayer changes things.

Tonight we brought my homemade honeydew popsicles to Tom and Judy.  Tom has a broken back and a broken neck.  Judy is a retired cook.  They live in our apartment complex with their docile cat, Sinbad. “Sinbad the cat,” as Adelina calls him, was our initial link to this friendly older couple.  Now Adelina insists that we go visit Sinbad the cat every day.  So, every day we walk to Tom and Judy’s so Adelina can pet Sinbad and “feed him rocks”.  Tom and Judy spend most afternoons outside on their porch in hopes of a bit of conversation and company.  Adelina is happy to oblige.  Today Adelina walked right into their living room and announced that she “bonked her knee and has a bandaid”.  Over the past several weeks Tom and Judy have become our dear friends.  Judy shared with me about being abandoned first by her birth father and then left in a basket on a neighbor’s doorstep by her birth mother (literally). She told me about her addict son and how she would rather support her grown children (grown as in 40 plus years old) than allow them to be a burden to society, even if it leaves her nearly penniless.  Judy carries burdens.  But, every afternoon a little ray of sunshine standing all of 33 inches comes marching into her life wanting to pet her cat and tell her stories.

Tom and Judy know that we are pre-field missionaries and when the inevitable “Why?” question follows the “Where will you live?” question we get to tell them just how much God has done in our lives and how grateful we are simply for the chance to serve Him.

Tonight as we left their porch Judy said, “I love you” like we were the oldest and dearest of friends.  With a lump in my throat I thought of you, the people who stand beside us (even from a great distance) and pray; the people who talk to God on our behalf.  I thought of how you must have really read our blog and then really thought about it and then really asked God to help us be bolder in our faith.  With a heart that is full of hope and expectation for a greater work of God’s Spirit, I thank you.

Yours Faithfully,

Jess, Phil, Adelina, and Jeremiah


Phil was invited to do a 100 hour inspection with the professional mechanics at his school today.  He got to service a battery, safety wire some bolts, cut open an oil filter to inspect it, and opened up the aircraft interior for inspection.  It was a special invitation and a great opportunity to get some real life experience.

Real life experience!!!

7 thoughts on “Prayer Changes Things…

  1. Dear Jess and Phil,
    Each week I read your blog with such anticipation. Your photos make it seem like you are near. We pray for you and the kids, but sometimes it seems a little remote. Then we get a message like this–what incredible joy!! Thank you for sharing: your lives, your hearts, your love for the Lord with the people around you!

    1. Thank you for sharing this answer to prayer. When you pray that the light of Jesus will shine into a place, you never know what amazing things God will do. And thanks for the reminder that the mission field is never far off, only as far as the next lost person!

  2. Thanks Jess for sharing…praise the God of heaven’s armies…it is easy to lose sight of all that is eternal… that was my prayer this morning…to not lose sight of Him in everyday ‘stuff’… praise God for the open door with this precious family. Will keep thiem and you in my prayers. Our heavenly Father who is so HUGE is so willing to care about the goings on in our small corners of life . . . because of Jesus Christ. So thankful. (It seems that children, dogs, & cats seem to open up doors for conversations.) Blessings

  3. Hi guys. As we are fasting, praying, and listening for God’s words to us on generosity, I’m delighted to receive this post. It speaks of God’s generosity, and yours, in so many ways. I am reminded of Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1 and hear it echoed in your post and in your family’s faithful response to God’s amazing, and very rich, grace.

  4. Always so nice to hear from you. You are both true vessels of Goad and I feel privileged to know you, love Deb

  5. Hi guys! Thank you for keeping us in your lives. Prayer does change everything, and we are praying for you. Thank you for sharing all that God is doing in response to prayer. Love, the Zuninos

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