No pacemakers allowed!!!

“Do you know how to work this thing?”

“No, the last time we looked at it was 6 months ago.”

Thus, we began to use the magnaflux machine to inspect several critical components of our engine: the crankshaft, the camshaft, and the connecting rods. Our teacher had to leave for the day because his daughter is sick and went to the ER. But, my group wanted to move forward on our project so I sought out one of the students who had already completed his magnaflux inspection.

“Be careful, if you are holding on to that piece of metal when the machine is on and you touch one of those ends, you are going to get a shock. It just might kill you.”

Awesome. I am glad that I learned about this 6 months ago and then filled my head with everything BUT this for the next 6 months. Well, there is no better time to learn than out of necessity! So, I got a quick refresher from the other student, who warned me of the perils of the magnaflux machine, and we were off.

The basic premise of a magnaflux machine, in case you forgot my explanation 6 months ago, is that it magnetizes a part so that the cracks and discontinuities can be discovered. The part is momentarily shocked with a high voltage AC current. This turns the part into a magnet! After the part is magnetized, mineral spirits with small shavings of metal are poured over the part. The shavings show up as green when you shine a black light on them. If there is a crack in the part, then the shavings will be attracted to the discontinuity. (I could go into the theory of magnetism, lines of flux, and north and south poles but let’s just say it works!)

We magnetized various parts both longitudinally and laterally, and then we had to demagnetized the parts. This consists of turning on the coil, seen above, and keeping it on as you pass the part through the coil and walk away with it. The alternating current of the coil demagnetizes the part. I know, it sounds like magic! Maybe it is, but it is a pretty cool way to inspect aircraft parts, especially internal cracks and discontinuities!

Mimi and Pops

My folks are in town for a week and we are having a wonderful time. Mother’s Day was special as we went to church to hear a great message about seeing beauty in all things, we ate an amazing dinner of shrimp and grits (made by Jess), and I am getting to spend some quality time with my mom who is beating the tar out of cancer! Praise God! Adelina and Jeremiah are enjoying their time with Mimi & Pops as well.

I pray and hope that all of you mothers know what a blessing you are and how much you are appreciated. (And, I hope that all you sons and daughters and husbands remembered to do something special for your mom/wife. I don’t envy you if you didn’t!)

Have a great week!!!

Snuggling after a nap

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  1. Phil, all that is fine and dandy but all I care about is that you added baby Jeremiah to your blog picture LOL.


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