FAA Approved Mechanic…

It is Official!!! I am a mechanic!!!

WAHOO!!! The last step to becoming a FAA Approved Airframe Mechanic is complete. I passed my written test last Friday. I am now certified to work on the airframe of any US registered aircraft, from a Cessna 152 to a Boeing 777! Can you believe that?!?! Of course, my license is more of a license to learn, but we are on our way and following the path that God has laid out before us!

The attention at school has now shifted to the Powerplant. Our first big assignment will be to overhaul an engine. We will take an engine apart, inspect EVERYTHING, replace anything that needs to be replaced, put it back together, and then run it up on a test stand and see how well it works! This project will go on for a few months and I am excited to start working on it.

The three classes that we are taking are Engines, Ignition Systems, and Fuel Metering. We are learning about carburetors and we have a project to take one apart, put it back together, and then install it on an engine and fire it up. Once we see how well the engine runs with the “new” carburetor, we will adjust it to make sure that the engine idles smoothly and can reach its maximum RPM. I have also spent a good portion of last week fabricating various tools that I will use on different Ignition Systems. I will post some pictures next week when they are complete.

Papaw and Jeremiah

On the home front, Jessica’s Dad and Step-Mother visited us from Mississippi. We had a wonderful visit and they had a lot of fun meeting Jeremiah and playing with Adelina. We are blessed to have such a loving family!

Just in case you were wondering, here are a few ways that you can be praying for us!

  • Pray for Jeremiah. He has been pretty uncomfortable, especially at night, and we think that he might have some acid reflux issues. We are taking him to the doctor this Thursday for his 4 week appointment and simply want to figure out why he has such discomfort.
  • Pray for the continued adjustment as we get used to having 2 children.
  • Pray for our preparation as we get ready to try out with JAARS in October. I know that it is a little less than 6 months away but the things that I am learning now will play a big part of my Technical Evaluation. I want to continue to lay a solid foundation, not only for the evaluation, but for the years to come!
Thank you so much for joining us on this journey! We thank God for you and all of your encouragement, support, love, and prayers. God has been so gracious to us!
Leigh Ann
Books of the Week: "Green Eggs and Ham (or, I am Sam)" and "Go, Dog, Go"
My Girls

5 thoughts on “FAA Approved Mechanic…

  1. Great job Phil, you and the family continue to be in our prayers. We miss you…
    God Bless, Verna & Bob

  2. Way to go Phil! Did you ever doubt? No.

    From the photo I see with Jeremiah on your chest, you might need to update the artwork on your blog header….. there’s brown stuff on top of your head on the picture!

    Thanks for the handwritten note to our life group. Read it last night and it was very rewarding to everyone.

    Mark, Lesley, and Dylan

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