The Goodness of God…

Jeremiah comes home!!!

The fingerprints of God are evident everywhere we look. The birth of Jeremiah and the circumstances surrounding last Thursday were miraculous. Indulge us as we share about God’s grace in our lives.

Throughout the pregnancy we planned to have Jeremiah at a Metro hospital. We saw a certain doctor and, after the complications with the pregnancy, we were planning on scheduling the c-section and just having Jeremiah at Metro. Jessica had met with another doctor 5 days before the c-section was scheduled and he said that there was a 75% chance of having a successful birth. So, we cancelled the c-section and planned on the induction last Thursday. God was moving upstream!

Jessica gave birth to Jeremiah but there was a small problem with his breathing so he was taken to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). There are not any lasting effects from the breathing problem. It simply took Jeremiah a little while to clear his lungs. Jessica and Jeremiah are both home and doing great! But, the main reason that we are praising God is…

All Done

IF we would have had the scheduled c-section at Metro and Jeremiah had a problem breathing, then Jeremiah would’ve been transported to the hospital we ended up at since the first hospital doesn’t have a NICU. Since Jessica would’ve just had major surgery, she wouldn’t have been able to go with Jeremiah! Can you imagine being separated from your newborn child and worrying about his health? We are also praising God because we had an incredible experience in the hospital. It was everything we wanted! And, since we had Jeremiah early, my sister was able to be here to take care of Adelina and my sister was amazing!!! And, on top of that, almost every doctor and nurse who served us was a Christian. I could go on and on but it will suffice to say that God is so good! He has answered all of your prayers concerning us and we are grateful!

God is good!!!

Adelina ADORES her brother!

Thank you one and all for praying for everything!!! God is with us! He is going before us! We will rest in Him! He is our hope and our salvation!!!


In other news, my friend and I were able to remove a rubber fuel bladder, inspect it, and then put it back in the plane. Let me just say that if I never do this again you will not hear me complain. Goodness gracious, me-oh-my!!! The bottom line is that there are clips that hold the bladder in place so it retains its shape as well as stays in the same place in the wing. The clips hold the bladder taut and it is difficult to put the clips back in their proper place because, like almost everything on a plane, they are hard to reach and awkward to gain access to. But, it is done!!! Hallelujah!


17 thoughts on “The Goodness of God…

  1. Congratulations Vana Family! Glad to hear all went so amazingly well…hugs to all of you!!

  2. God is indeed good! I am so glad you shared the whole “process”. Wow – what a praise!!!! It truly would have been horrible if Jessica and Jeremiah had been at different hospitals. The pix are great. What a beautiful and brave family you are – I know you will be a great blessing in the mission field. Thank you, too, for your faithfulness with the blog. I so enjoy your “adventures” in plane repair!

  3. Praise the Lord for his eternal mercy and grace, that HE is always present in our

    time of need. Jeremiah 32:27 “Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh; is anything

    too difficult for Me !!”

  4. Thank you Jesus! We have also been praying for that whole adjustment period. It’s great to see pictures and know all is well.

  5. He’s beautiful and Jessica looks amazing. Adelina is going to be the best big sister ever. Miss you guys.

  6. Phil,
    Jeremiah has your haircut!

    Blessings on all y’all (had to pull out the southern roots for that one!)

    Gary and Ginger Grimm

  7. Soooo thankful for a healthy little boy…also sooo glad to hear how God’s blessing has been upon you throughout his birth. Praise God!!

  8. Congratulations! God does wondrous miracles everyday. Welcome Jeremiah. So good to hear the good news from all of you. Yeah, Phil I’m an aircraft mechanic myself and I thank God for making me a little person I have tiny hands, ha-ha-ha.

  9. I was praying and WOW – God answered prayers in a BIG way! Thank you for the detailed report – to God be the glory!! Jeremiah is sooooooooooooo cute! Thank you for including pictures!

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