Welcome Spring…

First BBQ of the season!!!

I don’t know how the weather is wherever you may be, but the weather in Michigan is lovely! It has been over 50 degrees for a week and in the 70’s the past three days! The grass is getting green, my daughter is wearing dresses, and our air-conditioner is getting plenty of use!!!

Along with the beautiful weather we are doing well as a family. We have moved Adelina’s bedtime back which allows us to spend more time as a family in the evening. We go to the park as well as swim at the YMCA. Adelina loves to swing on the swings all by herself and she has started to go down slides as well! She is amazing!!!

Such a Sweet Smile

On another note, we have learned that Jessica has a new complication with her pregnancy called Cholestasis. It is a condition where the production of hormones in the body causes elevated levels of bile acids which are potentially harmful to the baby. This means that we are going to have Jeremiah sooner rather than later. The recommendation is to either induce or schedule a c-section between 37 & 38 weeks. Please join us in prayer because this is a serious condition and we want Jeremiah to be developed enough to breathe on his own, but not wait too long and end up causing any harm. Pray that his liver will not be negatively affected by the excess bile acids in Jessica’s blood stream and that his lungs will be fully developed by 37 weeks (this Thursday).

And, if any of you are interested in seeing how my alternator project turned out, click here…

All Painted and Purty

4 thoughts on “Welcome Spring…

  1. Phil & Jess,
    You are always in our prayers but doubly so now. We pray God will hold you in his arms during this time and keep you all safe and only increase your faith……….
    Love and Blessings, Kathy and Jack

  2. Phil & Jessica, you must be so scared & worried but I know that your faith is strong. Please know that we, your church family, are together with you in prayer. Thank God Jessica is being watched over by those wonderful doctors & we pray for Jeremiah to come out of the womb unscathed, in Jesus’ name! Thank you for letting us know.

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