Back to the Grind…

Where's the HAIR?

All I can say is that you would’ve been even more surprised to see me last night when I was halfway done and had to go to the ER!

Well, my Mom started chemo today after being diagnosed with cancer. They removed the cancer in January but she still has to undergo chemo in order to help prevent it from coming back. I shaved my head to show my support and love for her. Please pray that her body will not react too much to the treatment and that she will have energy to conduct a choral show on March 5th before she takes the rest of year off from work.

Jessica and Adelina are doing better today. Adelina is back to her lively self and none worse for wear. Jessica is a little sore and the little man in her belly is causing quite a bit of discomfort. 6 and 1/2 weeks to go!!!


I finished up the repair project with a partner last week. One of the aspects of the repair was to fabricate a metal stringer that supports the cowling’s round shape. After bending the piece with a 1/8″ radius, I used a “Shrinker/Stretcher” tool that does what the name suggests. After feeding in the piece of metal, a pedal is depressed that brings the top “teeth” down on the bottom “teeth”. Once the “teeth” contact one another, they are designed to either spread apart, for stretching, or come together, for shrinking.

My foot was moving REALLY fast!!!

It is important to space the stretching/shrinking apart because it creates a small bend that can lead to stress and cracks. The cowling, being as it covers the engine, is subject to a lot of vibration and the stringer could break if there is too much stress. After shrinking the piece to fit the cowling, we riveted it on and it looks great. (Except for the small place where the rivet gun slipped off the rivet and hit the skin a couple of times. I don’t know how that happened…)

Bent into shape!

Thank you once again for all of your prayers for our family. God is carrying us through, one day at a time. We are eagerly awaiting the days to come, even as we enjoy the days that we are in! Have a blessed week!

Reading the Bible with my daughter! (She loves the pictures with Jesus or fire)

3 thoughts on “Back to the Grind…

  1. Phil, Jessica & Adelina,
    You certainly are going through so much for a young family but I am learning that God challenges us to make us stronger and walk in faith with Him. You two are so inspiring to me, sometimes I read portions of your blog during lunch to my girlfriend. She wants to follow you also!
    Phil, I am so sorr for what your mom has been going through. Praise God her cancer is gone & I will pray that it stays that way, in Jesus’ name!
    Jessica, you’re almost there & I’m sure uncomfortable at times but what a true miracle! You certainly have a lot on your plate! I hope you & Adelina continue to feel better.
    As for your neighbors! So many situations there and my heart goes out to the couple in pain. But all I can think about is the doggie that gets scolded because his owner is mentally challenged. Animals & children are so vulnerable. So, just like I pray for the pets if our Life! Group, I will pray for your neighbor, the dog.
    Peace to you guys.

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