Still More to Learn…

Almost Done!

Only 6 more months to go! Wow, time is just flying by and we are having a great time. I continue to learn more and more at school, we are preparing to welcome baby Jeremiah into our family, Adelina loves to sing “The wheels on the bus…” and her ABC’s (though she doesn’t have it all down), and God continues to be faithful and good!!!!

My riveting project is almost finished and it has been a great learning experience. I made a few mistakes but I learned how to drill out rivets without ruining the skin. It is almost complete and approved by my instructor. We have started two new classes. The first is aircraft inspections. I have to learn how to recognize problems when I see them. Inspections are an important aspect of being a mechanic as there are a number of inspections and a whole slew of things to cover and inspect each time. The second class is aircraft rigging. All of the flight controls (rudder, aileron, and elevator) on a small plane are connected to the yoke and rudder pedals via metal cables. As a mechanic, I will need to know how to connect the controls to the correct input so that the plane turns right when the pilot turns the yoke to the right! Currently I am working with a team to remove the wings of a Cessna 172 and then remount the wings and re-rig the flight controls. It is amazing how the wings are only held on by 4 bolts!!!

Looks like they got it!!!

Thank you for all of your prayers for Jessica and our family. She is doing a great job managing her blood sugar and getting things all set for the arrival of Jeremiah. We have been blessed with the help of Jessica’s Mom this past week and even got to go on a date!!! We are excited about the days to come and all of the things that God has in store. It is a privilege to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and we are blessed to share our adventure with all of you!

My Lovely Date

6 thoughts on “Still More to Learn…

  1. How wonderful to see your sweet faces. So glad you got to go on a date. Very important. We are confident that God will guide you through this time of uncertainty, and that your faith in HIM will be your source of strength. love you all, Becky

  2. Phil, praying that you will learn all that you need to know and be exceptional at it.
    Praying for Jess … when baby arrives … and being able to master sleeplessness
    because you all will have two to take care of… Thankful for His encouraging
    faithfulness in your lives. Blessings

  3. Love, love, love the updates! Keep on keeping on:) Praying you all are met right where you are at and that the upcoming days, weeks, and months are filled to overflowing with blessings! Hugs to you all!!

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