It’s A…

I know you!!!


Jessica and I visited the doctor and the ultrasound revealed that we can be expecting a boy around April 13th. (And, much to the delight and relief of Jessica, there is only one child!) We are extremely excited and blessed! God is SO good!

Never flown one of THESE before!

God continues to provide some amazing opportunities for us here in Michigan. The school that I am attending is absolutely amazing. I feel the same as the president of the school when he said, “Your teachers have forgotten more than I will ever know about fixing airplanes.” Every day I learn how true those words are. My instructors are great men who love the Lord and love to fix airplanes. They are a tremendous resource and I am learning a lot simply by listening to their stories and lectures.

The school is also great because of all the resources that have been given to the school. This helicopter pictured above was given to the school, as was almost every other plane in the hangar. The students fix up most of the airplanes and the school ends up using them for training, or selling them to an interested party. It is neat to know that some of the work that I do will be on an airworthy hunk of a metal!

It is not hyperbole when I say that I thank God every day for this opportunity. Jessica and I constantly remark to one another, “God is so good.” It brings me to tears to think of the men and women who have given sacrificially. We are blessed by you. Thank you!

Tiny Deer
Super Cute Girls!!!

7 thoughts on “It’s A…

  1. I lead a teen boys CORE group and that video is hilarious. Congrats on the new little boy. Brenda and I have a boy and a girl and it has been a blessing to raise each and see the differences between the genders.

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