‘Tis a Universal Truth…

Adelina: Always the Center of Attention!!!

…College Students ALWAYS love Free Food!!!

One of the best ministry opportunities that we have at SMAT is to minister to the single, college students. Almost all of them are miles away from home, trying to juggle school, work, and sleep. Many of them are on their own for the first time and their diet consists of Ramen noodles, Hot Pockets, and Easy Mac N Cheese. Both Jess and I remember these days from our time in college and it gives us great joy to invite a few of them over for a home cooked breakfast and a time of fellowship on a Saturday morning.

This particular Saturday we shared a meal of pancake balls (properly known as Ebelskivers), venison sausage, and OJ with Tobias (a.k.a. Oh-Bye-Bus), Marlin Lantz, Miriam Obara (a young woman from Kenya), and Mandi Muha. Everyone enjoyed the breakfast and it was a great time of ministry, especially between Jessica and the two young women. The reason for this is that Jessica fully understands how difficult it is for women in aviation. One of Jessica’s first flight instructors told her, “Women shouldn’t even drive let alone fly airplanes,” right before she was about to take-off on her first flight. The two girls told Jessica how hard it is to understand some of the systems and lab activities that we have done here in class. The students work on projects in groups and the guys, especially the ones who actually know what they are doing, will usually take over and the girls are left watching. They want to ask questions but they are afraid that they will sound stupid.

It was great for Jessica to be a safe place where the girls can share their fears and feelings. It is a challenge for me because I realized that I can “take over” at times instead of helping those around me. I am hoping to pull aside a few of the more experienced students in my class and seeing how we can support and encourage the women in our class.

Last week in class we were busy learning how to weigh airplanes. The weight of the aircraft and the C.G. (center of gravity, which is the point at which a plane would balance if suspended in the air) are extremely important variables in aviation. If the aircraft weighs too much, the plane won’t be able to fly. If the C.G. is too far forward the aircraft nose will be too heavy to overcome with the controls and you will be a very fast car. If the C.G. is too far aft the nose will pitch up and not the controls will not be able to pitch the nose down and this will cause the wings to stall. All of these are dangerous situations that I fully intend to avoid!

We can never thank you enough for all of your love and faithful support. May God bless you as you invest your life for the sake of others.

Very, Very Heavy!!!

5 thoughts on “‘Tis a Universal Truth…

  1. Way to go, Jessica!! Like your mom, I have spent (more than you need to know) years competing in a male-dominated profession. It takes a great deal of time to grow the spine that God gives us to stand up for ourselves, and for the people that will depend on us. I was never more embarrassed, or more proud than when I introduced my husband to one of our trauma surgeons at a party, only to have him exclaim, “Oh, she’s a great nurse, and she doesn’t take any ____ from any surgeons, either!!” I hope you can encourage these young women; they have a place in God’s plan!!
    Chris Loar

  2. Thank you for being so diligent with keeping those of us with inquiring minds well fed. Adelina has grown so much. Loved the duck costume you posted on facebook. I’m glad to see life is going well for you and your family. I wish you nothing but the best!

  3. I love the heart you guys have to reach out and invite others into your life- not only through this blog but also through practical everyday ways like inviting over other people and getting involved in their lives. That is such a challenge for me that I get encouraged and even inspired as I read of the many lives you have intentionally allowed to touch yours down there and here as we follow you weekly. Thanks for your openess and for sharing. I really do love hearing from your family. You are in our prayers!

  4. Phil – you are not alone with the “take over” gene. Just ask Ross when he needs help at the computer!!

    Jess – yeah for being there and allowing others to safely vent.

    Adelina – you are growing so fast! Super cute in your costume too. (Denise – we do love facebook don’t we!)

    Miss all of you.

  5. College students love free food… gosh Phil… I was spending time with your family, and it so happened there was free food in the mix.. lol 🙂 Nway it was a nice day. Thanks again for inviting us that day.

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