Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

A Real-Life Hero

Paul Dye is a Missionary Pilot-Mechanic with New Tribes Mission Aviation. In 1985, he and three other missionaries were kidnapped by Columbian guerrillas and held for ransom. Most of the missions organizations, including New Tribes, have agreed not to pay any ransoms because it would only encourage the guerrillas to keep kidnapping people to make money. Paul Dye was separated from the others and held for three days in a remote camp in the jungles of Columbia. By the grace of God, Paul had his Bible and was able to talk to the guerrillas about Christ. He also spent a lot of time reading his Bible and praying. It turned out to be a spiritually rich time and it grew his faith in tremendous ways. After a few days, he came up with a plan to escape and God worked in miraculous ways to allow him to do so unhindered. His escape included walking in the pitch black jungle and finding his plane all covered with vines, taxiing the airplane 200 yards without waking the guerrillas, taking off in the pitch black of the morning, only having gas for an hour of flight, finding a safe landing spot and bringing the plane down in the jungle while it was still dark. He said that with each step he took away from the guerrilla’s camp he said, “Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.” And the Lord brought him home!

It was amazing to hear his story and his passion for the Lord. The entire class was riveted as he spoke. I was moved and it stirred me up to see how God is going to continue to move as we respond to His call!

We had another busy week. I learned about non-destructive testing methods (that is, being able to test for defects in airplane parts without having to break them). The pictures below shows a Dye-Penetrant test that reveals defects when using a black light. My friend Miriam got the dye on the airplane part, her arms, and her head!!! We also began learning about all of the rules and regulations governing mechanics. The rules and regs are not super fun, but it is important to know so that I don’t make a mistake and get fined by the FAA.

Jessica was blessed to attend a Christian Writers Conference called Breathe.  She was encouraged, moved, and motivated by the tallent and humility of the presenters and speakers.  Meanwhile Adelina and I made the most of our time together.  At the end of the weekend we helped our friends who pastor the church across the street get their building cleaned up and ready for ministry.  It was a wonderful week in the Lord.  We thank each of you for taking an interest in our journey and count you as precious blessings.

Non-Destructive Testing
Some places are easier to access than others!!!

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord.

  1. Hi Phil. What a testimony indeed. (Though I have to admit it’s also the sort of report that tends to make parental units flash at least briefly into worry mode. 😉 Thanks for keeping us up on current adventures. I imagine some of them will become humorous stories long into the future. Let me also say that a) we miss you guys and b) I especially appreciate your ministry here as today is Pastor Appreciation Day in the office. On second thought, it’s great you’re there so I don’t have to wrestle you for the food in the break room! :p

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