I think we were in their backyard…

The red wire's connected to the...DIODE!!!

There are several parks throughout Ionia, but the easiest to access is directly across the street at a small church. Jessica, Adelina, and I had finished a bike ride and stopped at this park to allow Lina to play before her nap. While we were playing, a young woman came out of one of the church buildings (we later learned that the building was her house!) She approached us and asked if we lived close by. We told her that we lived across the street and shared how we came to live in Ionia. She told us that she and her husband had just moved to Ionia from Indianapolis and her husband was the new pastor of the small church with the playground. (I met her husband the next day when I returned to the park a day later) This is how we became friends with Scott and Tatiana McConnel.

After we left the playground, Jessica said, “I think that we were in their backyard!” I said, “Yeah, but she didn’t seem to mind.” Then, I told Jessica that I felt God may be calling us to support and befriend this young couple during this year in Ionia. Jessica was very excited! Please pray for us as we build our relationship with Scott and Tatiana, as well as see how God may be leading us to help and encourage them as they pastor this small congregation.

This last week was a wonderful and busy week. Jessica’s Mom came out to visit and she was a tremendous help and blessing. She got to spend plenty of time with her granddaughter and served us in a myriad of ways. In school, I continued to learn about electricity (Click here to see a circuit board that I helped to wire!) as well as some of the various tools that I will need as an airplane mechanic. One of the tools is a micrometer. It is so precise that it can measure things various things to ten-thousandths of an inch. That is 0.0001 of an inch! You may ask, “Why does it need to be SO exact?” I asked the same question and learned that it helps to determine if ball bearings are round or if a crank shaft has experienced some uneven wear. You would be surprised at how many problems a few ten-thousandths of an inch can cause when your crankshaft is spinning a couple thousand times a minute!!!

How exact do you want YOUR measurements?

At the end of the week I flew to Reno in order to visit my home church, Summit, and take part in a weekend highlighting the various missionary work that Summit is involved with around the world. I was so blessed to be “home”, to see all of the wonderful people at Summit, to hear an amazing and challenging message by John Thomas, and to worship my Lord and Savior. The trip was a whirlwind and included several meals/visits with friends, a 13-mile race called the Tough Mudder, 4 weekend services, 8 hours of driving to Chicago and back to Michigan, and 10 hours of flying to and from Reno…and it was worth every second!!!

Fall Festival with Grandma!!!

5 thoughts on “I think we were in their backyard…

  1. It was great to see you at Summit, Phil. Congrats on the second baby on the way! Jessica, I am praying for that morning sickness – when you get closer to the 4th month, it will disappear. Hang in there! I love your blogs – especially the Oh-Bye-Bus! Adelina is so cute! You all are in our prayers! In Christ, Shanna Radcliffe

  2. It was great to see Phil at church this last weekend! Your communion message on pruning really hit home. I love getting your posts and reading the story unfold in God’s plan for your family. What an opportunity to be used by God with your experience and background to help a new congregation. It is awesome when we can clearly see God at work. Will pray for these new relationships and that God will use them to glorify His name. Take care!

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