Talking with Tobias Meyer while Adelina stands on her head!!!

“Adelina. Can you say Tobias?” Jessica asks.

“Oh-Bye-Bus,” Adelina answers.

We all laugh. Adelina, like any child, enjoys the attention and decides to up the ante.

“Oh-Bye-Bus. Oh-Byyyyyye-Bus! OH-BYYYYYYE-BUS!!!” she says the name one last time at the top of her lungs. She says it so loud that she has to stand on her tip-toes and falls forward. By this time, we are all laughing so hard that it is hard to catch our breath.

Tobias Meyer is a fellow student at SMAT. He is the middle child of five, the older of twin brothers, born in South Africa to German ex-patriots, and an extremely sweet man. I met him on the first day of class and it was clear that he was kind, polite, and genuine. He grew up in South Africa, went to college in Germany to become a social worker, and he is now pursuing a career in aviation thanks to some money left to him by an aunt.

Jessica and I invited him to dinner and had a wonderful time getting to know him. He is a precious young man who loves the Lord. It was a joy to hear his story. He opened up to us and shared about his life growing up and some of the struggles he had being a twin.

One of the greatest blessings that we have found here at SMAT are the men and women who are in my class. So many of them are away from home and searching for fellowship; someone to listen and care about what they have to say and what they have been through. It is amazing how simple and yet powerful it can be when you share a meal with someone!

In other news, I learned how to solder this past week. I hope you enjoy the pictures of the multimeter I assembled! A multimeter is used to check the voltage, current, or resistance across a circuit. I made a few mistakes but I was able to correct them and make something that actually works!!!


3 thoughts on ““Oh-Bye-Bus”

  1. How special…it’s amazing for us as believers, to connect so readily with others who love the Lord.
    Praying for God’s blessings in learning, connecting and continuing to listen to His heart for you
    both… Marie
    Looking forward to seeing you at Summit

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