I Can’t Seem To Make This Fly…

Who stole my wings?!?!

What you see here is an airplane that has been reduced to a dangerous, non-airworthy, unstable tricycle named Stubby. This week, I had the pleasure of learning how to hand-prop an airplane. “Isn’t that dangerous,” you might ask. Yes. Yes it is. But, there are times when a mechanic or a pilot, especially one who is working in a 3rd world country, will need to hand prop an airplane because of a dead battery or a broken starter. Here’s a link to a video of my practicing! http://www.vimeo.com/28641018 (It didn’t start because the spark plugs were disconnected!)

We have made a few friends here in Ionia and we are excited about spending time with them. We had a couple from school over for dinner on Thursday and we ate my favorite dish, Chicken Paprikash (A traditional Czechoslovakian soup that was passed down from my Dad’s side of the family). Their names are Morten and Autumn Johansen and they live in the same apartment complex. He is from Norway and is trying to get his pilot’s license. They have two children, Emma and Christian, and Adelina is completely enamored with Emma. She wakes almost every morning and says, “Emma? Emma?” They are an amazing couple and we enjoy them immensely.

There is a young man in my mechanic’s class named Tim. He grew up as a missionary kid in Panama and now he wants to serve as a missionary pilot. He invited me to go running on Wednesday night and we had a great time talking and running. I feel like God is calling me to pour into his life and I am excited to spend more time with him.

There is also a young couple who lives downstairs from Morten and Autumn. Their names are Devin and Miranda and they have a 2 year old named Mirra. They do not currently attend church and it seems like God has put them in our lives so we can tell them about Christ. We are hoping that we can tag team with Morten and Autumn, as all of our kids play together, and invite them to church!

We had a great Labor Day weekend and we were able to see my folks as my Dad celebrated his 40th high school reunion. Adelina also experienced a few firsts as she swam in Lake Michigan, took a ride on a paddle boat, and rode a pony!!!

Please continue to pray for Jessica and the morning sickness. She has also had a cough for almost two weeks now and it is not helping the nausea. Also, please pray that we would continue to allow God to mold us, shape us, and strip away everything in our lives that hinders us as we run the race marked out by His mercy and grace!

Surf's up!!!
Are you sure this is safe?

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Seem To Make This Fly…

  1. You guys are truly an inspiration in my life. I really miss your smiling faces and positive attitudes! God bless you guys! Keep the posts coming!

  2. Exciting! Wow…I just discovered “Baby #2”! Looking forward to hearing more and great job with the pictures! It’s a joy to see you and your family flourishing! Blessings! Karl & Maria Rodriguez

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