First Week of School…

The Quest Kodiak

And to think…one week ago I was sitting on a beach in North Carolia with my family. Since then, I have driven all the way back to Ionia, MI, started school at S.M.A.T., and set up our new apartment. There aren’t boxes everywhere and it feels a little bit like home! (Just don’t try to tell that to all my mosquito bites!!!)

I began school on Wednesday and learned about the school rules, the course syllabus, and received a tour of the school/work hangar. As a special treat, every student got to go on a short flight in a Quest Kodiak. It is a single engine, turbo-prop that seats up to ten people. It can go over 200 mph and climb at over 1,000 ft per minute. Even more exciting is that MAF has begun to switch their fleet over to Kodiak’s because it uses jet fuel, which is more readily available and cheaper than Avgas. I was stoked because I may get to fly one of these in the near future!!!

My first three classes are Electricity (you should see my head spin as I try to understand what Ohm’s Law is and how spinning a magnet creates electricity), Basic Math (we learned how to add and subtract numbers on the first day. It is extremely basic but it is important and we are already talking about algebra on day 3), and Safety (learning how to put out fires, read Material Safety Data Sheets, and how to handle aircraft).

So far, I am having a blast. When we have extra time during the day we get to practice drilling out rivets on a wing from a crashed airplane.

Just in case you haven’t heard, JESSICA IS PREGNANT WITH OUR SECOND CHILD!!! She is having a rough time with the morning sickness and it seems to last all day. However, we are extremely excited and can’t wait to invite the little squirt into our family. Adelina doesn’t have any concept about her mother being pregnant, but we asked her what we should call the new baby since we call her “Lil Bit”. She looked at Jess and said, “Po-Po”, which means poo-poo. We might not take her advice!

We visited a church this past weekend and we liked it quite a lot. The message was very timely and we were encouraged, convicted, and filled with the fear of the Lord. We are going to visit one or two more before we decide where we feel God is leading our family to grow, fellowship, and serve.

Thank you so much for journeying with us for this next year. Your support and prayers mean so much to us! God has been so good thus far and we know that He will continue to carry us on!

Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray that the morning sickness would be gone soon and that God would give her the strength to stay positive.
  2. Pray that we would find a great church home.
  3. Pray that we would make the most of our time here in Michigan and pour our lives out for the glory of God
Jess and Lina playing on the table made by FarFar (Phil's Grandfather)


13 thoughts on “First Week of School…

  1. We will pray for you, with your specific requests.
    In addition, we will pray for your safety, and happiness.
    Congrats. on the coming of your new addition. What a joy.

    Bill and Paula Brenneman

  2. Congratulations on your new addition. Wow, what exciting news! Will certainly pray for comfort and endurance to get through the morning sickness. It’s great to hear the first week of school for Phil went well and its encouraging to hear how excited he is to delve himself into the task at hand. School for a lot fo the kids started today and as Sabrina and I were talking, she expressed the pressure she feels is put on her to find out now what career path she should take. What an opportunity to talk about putting our future in God’s hands and allowing Him to lead us to the destiny he has planned for us. Your story is a great example of just that. Praying for you all!

  3. Wayne & Dolores Mitchell…..Glad you have a sense of humor, makes your communications
    fun! We promise to pray for Jessica’s health and well being. Having raised my three sisters
    and two sons, I know the effort that must be put forth……..another case of God’s provision for
    God’s work. Fly high guys!

  4. Phil and Jess,
    I’m so proud of you guys. You had something in your hearts that the Lord place there…and then, you just went for it! No messing around! You’ve got plans. We’re so excited about this new venture for you and you family. God does so many amazing things when you step out, as you know. Can’t wait to watch it all happen.
    Lina looks so different with teeth and hair. She’s so adorable!! Hope your time in Michigan is amazing and God refreshes you and makes even clearer your path.
    Love you guys!

  5. Hi ya! Saw the FB pic and post but again congratulations. That morning sickness! Part of God’s plan, right? Glad to hear things are going well in an exciting, head-spinning sort of way. Phil, Ohm’s Law should be tied to the Borg of Star Trek NG contest: resistance is futile! Ha, take that. :Dave

  6. Phil the picture of the three of you (cartoon) is hysterical!!!!

    What an amazing time in your lives! Thank you for keeping us posted – it help us to be more specific in our prayers. Yesterday morning, I was praying that God would help Jessica with her morning sickness, I will continue to do so.

    I so envy the fact that you get to fly those awesome planes (long dream of mine). No, I’m not bitter …just jealous!

    We love you and miss you!!!

  7. Hi there!

    I can barely keep up with how fast things are moving for you so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re spinning too! Oh Jess…how I hated that morning sickness too, especially while you are home watching another one! I swear I hate boxes and boxes of salltine crackers, although my doctor kept advising me to eat protein, protein, protein. Perhaps protein shakes may help a bit…as if you haven’t tried everything by now anyway. I miss you all and love getting your updates. You are in my prayers. Love you all…kathy Frisby

  8. Congratulations on the anticipated new addition to your family. That’s so awesome!
    Will keep you all lifted in prayer……………………….
    Kathy and Jack

  9. Adelina’s nickname for her brother or sister made me laugh, I think it would be wise not to take her suggestion. Lol We’ll keep Jess in our prayers. My morning sickness was pretty much anytime of the day too.

  10. It is so great to “see” your enthusiasm and general joy. I know that when God shows you the church home that He had for you, you will bless the members even as you blessed us and bring glory to God. What a great time, and a great life ahead of you in your chosen field of service. I love hearing about your adventures! I prayed your requests and hope that Jess is morning-sickness free even as this mail is being written. God bless all four of you!!!!! Lyndi

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